Kalaw Hill Lodge

“A rural living style that best illustrates the nature & culture hospitality of Myanmar”

Horse Back Riding

Riding a horse is basically is experiencing things onto your real life. It can take just one morning to visit us for riding horseback. To do so, you must get out of your comfort zone, but believe us! it’s worth it. Once you ride with us and have the experience under your belt, you’d know the smell of the horse, the way the saddle creaks when the horse walks, and the zillions of pulled muscles you’d get in your legs after squeezing the horse to go.

Riding in the Shan mountain ridges with vest panoramic overlooking views under the pleasant atmosphere will provide all our riders unforgettable experiences. Start from the farm house and we ride through the dense pine forests for some time. Once we get out on the mule trek, which is known for the hunting trail during British time. Soon we turn towards Pagoda site and follow the scenic trails, taking in the picturesque terraces of the surrounding hills, enjoying the nature while riding back home.

Horse Back Riding Activities