“A rural living style that best illustrates the nature & culture hospitality of Myanmar”

The Danu Home Restaurant

Services & Facilities

Looking for a little ethnic dining experience made up of lush appetizers and succulent main courses? Well, we have just the thing! As part of our economic responsibility we now run “The Danu Ein Ethnic Restaurant” (translates to Danu Home) which is situated on hotel grounds but completely catered by a local Danu ethnic team from a nearby village.

This Danu themed restaurant, including the house, furniture and other accessories, is crafted using only bamboo to fit into our eco-sustainable agenda. Amplified by a colorful pathway of different flora that greets you at the entrance, making for a pastoral first impression.

The ingredients used in this charming little restaurant are organic delicacies and vegetables from farms in the surrounding locality and from hotel’s very own chemical free vegetable garden. As such, our guests have the liberty of enjoying a large variety of dishes that Danu ethnic cuisine has to offer within the comforts of hotel compound. More adventurous guests also have the liberty to personally visit our organic farm and pluck fresh vegetables to be cooked as per their preferred taste. Alternatively, guests can also visit a local vegetable market to purchase goods of their own choosing.

For more information and booking inquiry, please contact us via phone: 09-458116063, 081-50866 (or) email us at [email protected]