“A rural living style that best illustrates the nature & culture hospitality of Myanmar”

Wellness & Spa

Panchakarma Wellness Spa

Enjoy the lodge’s Ayurveda Spa, Aroma Spa, Sauna and Steamer for your relaxation. The spa therapies offered at our lodge employ the ancient science of Ayurveda for rejuvenating mind, body and soul. Our wellness consultants discuss the individual needs of our guests and offer a customized spa program. Panchakarma may seem simple, but it begins a process that brings about significant shifts in body, mind and spirit. Guests move toward renewed health and wellness in ways that they often have been unable to otherwise achieve.

Yoga & Meditation

Learning to meditate in yoga involves more than sitting still for a few moments each day. The reason? Your mind might still be sifting through a barrage of thoughts and worries. “Yoga meditation is about quieting a busy mind.